What is the black spot of death?

The “black dot of death” attack, as it has been called, occurs in the iOS Messages app; It is a malicious message in which only a series of emojis and symbols are shown, among which is the aforementioned black dot.

What does the black dot mean?

This small mark located on the palm of the hand, no matter which one it is on, Its objective is to alert whoever sees it, since whoever wears it suffers from domestic violence and seeks urgent help..

What is the black spot of death?

How do you remove a blackhead?

Press with the two index fingers around the area with black dots and remove the excess with the handkerchief. Press only with your fingertips, never with your nails. To finish, clean the entire face very well with cold water to close the pores and use your usual moisturizing cream.

What does a blackhead on the stomach mean?

A small black dot may appear on the right side of the abdomen, which corresponds to an inflamed and congested liver and gallbladder or, also, on the left side of the abdomen, corresponding to the damaged spleen.

What does a black dot on the top of the cell mean?

The mechanism of this "viral joke" is based on the fact that the message is not as short as it seems and actually hides thousands of characters that the application cannot process. When pressing on any part of the text —in reality the black point is just a distractor—, the internal error causes WhatsApp to stop working.

What happens if I squeeze a blackhead?

You may not be able to remove blackheads

You can squeeze and squeeze them, without extracting the blackheads. This it will cause skin irritation and, as a consequence, cause more bacteria in the marks and new cysts or nodules. During the process, you may stretch the pore until it is permanently dilated.

What's in a black dot?

The points Blackheads are a form of acne, made up of sebum (an oily, waxy substance that helps lubricate the skin), dead skin cells and bacteria that build up in the hair follicles, creating a "plug" that prevents the sebum from reaching the skin. fur.

What happens if I don't remove the blackheads?

You may not be able to remove blackheads

Esto it will cause skin irritation and, as a consequence, cause more bacteria in the marks and new cysts or nodules.

When is a grain dangerous?

Doctors say that you should never explode a wheat of the space of the face, known as the triangle of death, which is in the area of ​​the nose and surroundings, because it can become infected and generate greater consequences.

Where does it hurt when you have stomach cancer?

Abdominal pain. imprecise discomfort on the abdomen, usually just above the belly button. Sensation of fullness in the upper abdomen after eating a light meal. Acidity (heartburn) or indigestion.

What does it mean to see a moving black dot?

Myodesopsias, also known as "floaters" or "floaters", are an eye problem that consists of the appearance of points, stains, threads or cobwebs of different shapes and colors black or gray in the visual field, which se They move with the movement of the eyes.

What is the dot that appears on the cell phone called?

El Notch it is a physical element of the phone that you cannot remove. You can't hide it or prevent it from being seen when you're viewing a video in full screen.

What is the green dot that appears on the cell phone?

About the orange or green indicators in the iPhone status bar. On iOS 14 or later, an orange dot, orange square, or green dot indicate if an app is using the microphone or the camera.

What happens if I remove the blackheads from my nose?

Attempting to squeeze, pop, or extract blackheads on your nose on your own and without professional help May cause redness, irritation, or permanent scarring. Blackheads on the nose are common. While they are harmless, they can be annoying.

What is the white that comes out of the pores?

The white dots are sebaceous filaments or small, very fine accumulations of fat, which usually appear in the area of ​​the nose, near the septum or on the chin. They usually appear due to an excessive production of fat and dirt that clogs the pore.

What not to eat so you don't get blackheads?

Pasta, bread, rice and, in general, refined flours and other foods with a high glycemic index have traditionally been related to acne, despite the fact that Dr. Carrascosa insists that "the conclusions must be taken with caution."

What is the triangle of death on the face?

Doctors assure that you should never exploit a pimple in the space of the face, known as the triangle of death, which It is in the nose area and surroundings, because it can become infected and generate greater consequences.

What does a malignant pimple look like?

A sore or ulceration that does not heal. Spread of pigment from the edge of a spot to surrounding skin. Redness or new swelling beyond the edge of the mole. Change in sensation (itching, tenderness, or pain)

What causes stomach cancer?

Some of these risk factors can be controlled, but others cannot.

  • Gender. He stomach cancer It is more common in men than in women.
  • Age. …
  • Ethnic origin. …
  • Geography. …
  • Helicobacter pylori infection. …
  • lymphoma stomach. ...
  • Feeding. ...
  • Smoking.

Why does it cause stomach cancer?

Most of the genetic changes that lead to stomach cancer occur after birth. Some of these changes could be caused by risk factors, such as H pylori infection or tobacco use.

What are those little worms that float in our eyes?

Floaters or floaters (myodesopsia) are bits of jelly-like substance that form in the vitreous humor, the clear fluid that fills the eye, and cast shadows on the retina.

What happens when you see cobwebs in the eyes?

The sudden appearance of blackheads, cobwebs, hairs, etc., usually corresponds to what is known as a posterior vitreous detachment. The vitreous humor is the transparent liquid-gel that fills the inside of the eye and is attached to the inner wall of the eyeball (the retina).

What does a cross inside a circle mean on a cell phone?

The + icon represents the data saving mode present in Samsungs with Android Nougat. It is a function that the Korean company has integrated as part of its 'Smart Manager' in the Android settings.

What does a cross mean on a cell phone signal?

That icon indicates that mobile data is disabled.

Why do I get a microphone on my cell phone?

One of the new additions is an indicator at the top of the phone, in the top right corner of the screen, showing a camera or microphone icon in case an application has requested access to that hardware.

How to know which apps are using the camera?

We will go to Settings> Privacy>Camera. Then we'll scroll down and if there are any application that you are accessing the camera, we will see its name and, under it, in red letters, the text “Currently in use”. We can also know the date and time that each application You have accessed the webcam.

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